Lee Holland

I'm proud to announce that we now offer the widest array of shows EVER.


I love to perform with a band. It lets me see the music through a fresh set of eyes, and not only take on a new perspective; but better understand my own.

My solo shows always go down well, but it is pleasing to be part of, and be able to offer, one of the best current modern Duo acts- NewStory. Check us out!

For the past 10 years, we have been entertaining across the UK and Europe. Weddings, Corporate events, Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Stadia, Theatres, Festivals...

Nothing is too big or too small.

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About Me

I started performing in 2007 and have travelled around the UK since then, singing in a whole variety of shows, to different audiences. What initially started as a bit of fun at a couple of Open Mic events- quickly developed into the passion for captivating an audience that has now become my life!

I am proud to have performed in various tribute bands, touring the UK and winning various awards, including the prestigious National Tribute Award, for our tribute to Take That, which I was a part of for 7 years!

I have also entertained many a local audience, with both my swing show: "King of the Swingers" and my self-titled pop covers show. Over the years, I am fortunate enough to have NEVER received neutral or negative feedback, and this is something I pride myself on. Regardless of the event, or whether I'm performing to 20 or 20 thousand, I always give 100% and connecting with the audience, having fun WITH them is still the ONLY way I get my Kicks!


How is he not on Telly?!
We had Lee at our event last week, and have to say just how fantastic he was- If you haven't seen him live, I suggest you do so ASAP. So so good, some of our regular guests were asking "How is he not on Telly?!"

Sheffield Club, June, 2016

The Surprise Singers!

Blending in at your event as one of your guests or a member of staff (or the police-, maybe? the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!)- One or two of us will attract all attention at a key point, then burst into song! The impact of this upbeat act is phenomenal. How many weddings have you attended where the whole wedding party are up on the seats singing and dancing?!

Killamarsh pub, Dec 2015
By far the best act we've had all year. Can't speak highly enough. Has everyone on their feet and included. Will definitely be back!