Lee Holland


See below a short video from one of our recent "Singing Waiters" sets taken this week at a wedding in Oxfordshire:

From the "reveal" of a Secret Singers set, to the songs you want performing. One, two or three sets? You decide! Care to save some money and add a DJ set? Well, we can do that too!

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The hundreds of gigs these lads have performed together have captivated audiences and have only ever received positive feedback. Why are we so confident you'll love them? - because YOU control every aspect of the show!

"It is rare to find another performer that you connect with on a level that raises your game"

This award-winning pop duo, with nearly 20 years combined experience internationally, will leave you breathless with great harmonies and show-stealing personalities.

Available to book as a cabaret duo for your venue or event; Lee & John cut their teeth in hotels and holiday parks; and bring a wealth of experience and an extraordinary chemistry that will wow your audience.

The NewStory lads are also able to bring this entertaining chemistry and strong harmonies to a two-man SURPRISE SINGERS show. The most common option for this is a "Singing Waiters" set, in which they both blend with the venue's waiting staff- before raising a toast under the guise of their "first day working there"... This is the cue for the party to start with high octane entertainment that your guests will remember for a long time to come!

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